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Here is a partial list which does not include model duplicates.

Ruger LCR-22
Ruger SR-22P
Ruger Mark II Govt Model
High Standard Victor
S&W M17
S&W M18
S&W M63
Colt's <edited to be "most of the 22 revolvers and then some">
Henry Mare's Leg

Still working on my 22 collection. I'd like to pick up a Dan Wesson or two, a couple Taurus revolvers (if I could depend on them), and eventually the Ruger SP-101 new model. I intend to buy the Colt Woodsman series 22 pistols although I have owned a few of them over the years. I prefer revolvers overall.

I hear good things about the CZ 22 pistol. Probably will buy one of those and try it out. It will be a shooter.

Added: I deleted my "Colt list" as I see little point of showing them as I seldom ever shoot the Colts anymore. It also paints a picture of me that I don't really want on TFL.

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