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I don't understand this part:
the point where the bolt gets unlocked
When lowering the hammer after being in full cock there is no point where the bolt "gets unlocked". The bolt should stay up in the cylinder stop notch for the full hammer throw all the way down to the frame.
I don't think that is accurate, or you aren't understanding me. Yes, the bolt stays up in the cylinder notch for the full hammer drop, but there is a point in the drop where you can actually physically push the bolt into the frame/slot. Try this on one of yours: remove the cylinder, pull hammer back to full cock. Push down on the bolt face with your finger (it will not go down, it is "locked" up). Drop the hammer slowly with trigger fully depressed and put constant finger pressure on the bolt (trying to push it into the frame). I think you will find that at a point before full hammer drop, the bolt is released (you can push it into the frame now, it is not "locked" up) but it will stay up under spring tension anyway for the remainder of the hammer drop. It is at the point, just before the bolt is released, where my hammer hangs.
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