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In Colorado they have merged the Division of Wildlife with the Parks dept

So,now how this works is,say if you were out on the Pawnee Grasslands,a year ago,the LEO folks who would monitor our activities were more of the DOW sort.We never had any issues,as we took in frames,shot paper,and generated no mess.We were treated as good citizens.

Now,it seems,there are new faces,and they are of the Park Ranger type...not necessarily supportive of shooting sports.Long range shooting does not meet their approval,etc.

I'm sure they would prefer we were birdwatchers on bicycles wearing lycra knickers.

One more thing,this country wants to catch on fire.It will explode into being on fire.

Dry,volatile resinous stuff,Sage burns like gasoline.

I hit a rebar target stake once sighting in at 300 yds once,7mm mag.Target was stapled on cellotex.Is that? Do I see a whisp of smoke in my skope,300 yds away? Yup.I got a bottle of Gatorade down there real quick and put it out,but,scary.Do not forget a cat converter can get hot enough,too.

Generally,you will be able to get to an area to shoot,but you usually will be walking to set up,check targets,etc.Generally,there is no driving off designated roads.

Go into a DOW offoce,where you might apply for permits,etc,they will have pamphlets on "Shooting on Public Lands"

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