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Interesting responses, based mainly on locale.

I'm a cop from Louisiana and have been behind the badge for over 30 years. Louisiana is a gun-friendly state, to the point where I assume that half the people I interact with are carrying a gun, either on their person or in their vehicle.

Let me state for the record that in 30 years of practice, I have never had a problem with a law-abiding citizen carrying a gun. On the occasions where someone reports a crime and tell me that they pointed a gun at the offender, I ask the question "Did you shoot him?" That lets me know if I'm looking for a wounded offender, and to check the hospital emergency rooms. I'll ask basic information to complete my report, but I will not ask to see the firearm. Just whether the gun was a long gun, a handgun, dark or stainless, that sort of question to help me complete the report. "He pointed a shotgun at the offender and told him to leave the premises immediately."

I remember one little old lady who was known to carry a cap-and-ball revolver under the seat of her car. She pointed it at a fellow one day and he nearly crapped himself when she thumb-cocked the hammer.

But, the responses from the folks in less gun-friendly states is illuminating. I've never run into that mindset. Yeah, there are folks here who don't like the police, and cringe when they see a cruiser in their rear-view mirror, but that's based on traffic tickets, not 2A issues.
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