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Hello, CS86. The only rifle I don't cast bullets for is a late 1950's custom target/varmint rifle in .219 Donaldson Wasp. Everything else, from .22 Hornet up gets fed cast..can't help myself!
If you join the Cast Bullet Association, you will recieve a large "How Too" book on just about everything there is to know about cast bullets for rifle & handguns. including black powder guns, paperpatching for both black & smokeless, alloys, moulds, tools, etc. in addition to the regular excellent Fouling Shot magazine.
As far as accuracy with cast..Back when I could "see", I fire-lapped an 1898 .30-40 Krag & shot the Ideal 311413. I could maintain a thin white line with 6:00 hold at 100yds. Shot many 1" and slightly under groups, with the original iron sights.
It took me five years of experimentation, custom moulds, sizing dies, etc., but I equalled the accuracy of the best jacketed match bullets in a custom
.22 Hornet & .222 Rem. at 100yds.

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