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What you just stated is a straw man. I never claimed that these pistols were sniper rifles or that they should perform like one.

Here is my argument (again): You are already compromising weight (lighter = more recoil), sight radius, and magazine capacity in order to have a more concealable gun (because we MUST conceal it). But, we DON'T have to compromise on the ergonomics or quality of the trigger do we? So why should we?

I don't understand why you started talking about shooting at ranges further than 25 feet, sniper rifles, full-size pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc.

Just because you are shooting at a distance less than 25 feet doesn't mean you automatically hit every shot. A small, light, difficult to aim pistol in your quivering hand(s) could still fully accomplish missing all of its six to eight shots. And, a heavy trigger that is more likely to pull the small pistol further off-target doesn't help things. The gun HAS to be small (because we are concealing it), that doesn't mean the trigger HAS to be terrible or that we should disregard the quality of the trigger.
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