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Coyote hunting really is fun. Those critters can be tough to get. I've sure had a dry spell, though I can blame most of it on a shortage of hunting time lately. I can't seem to call a coyote with any sort of mouth call, so I bought what you might call an entry level electronic caller. It worked for a while, but hasn't paid off in 6 months. I've got the decoys too, and all that brought in was one coyote and a few bobcats. The last coyote that I didn't get came slipping out of the edge of the woods about 60 yards upwind of me. He was an old mangy coyote with a bad limp. I was 12 feet up in a box blind and still fully camoed. He slowly strolled about 20 yards from the wood edge and froze and took a good look around. He must have had that 'spider sense', because I hadn't budged, touched the rifle, made a sound, or even blinked loudly. I was peeking, with one eye, around the window edge and waiting for him to get a bit further out in the field. But he knew I was there and he was gone like a puff of smoke.

My best success has always been when hunting over dead 3-day old pig carcasses. That works very well for me, when I can 'collect' the pigs.
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