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Help! Issue working the action on a Pietta 1858 NMA

One of my Pietta remmys has a problem that I'm trying to sort out, has been bugging me for quite a while. This problem has been with the gun since I bought it new. I'll describe this as best I can. When I have the hammer back full, pull the trigger to release the hammer, and let it fall gently with my thumb, the hammer glides easily to the point where the bolt gets unlocked and will stay at that point (bolt still locked up) unless I give it a nudge - then it unlocks the bolt and falls the rest of the way. So, at the point where the hammer drop releases the bolt from locked (but bolt spring still holds the bolt up), something is catching. So far this hasn't affected the gun firing as the hammer spring provides plenty of momentum to push the hammer all the way down with enough force to pop a cap, but I have to keep the spring tension pretty heavy. What do I need to adjust/alter so the hammer will glide down smoothly, all the way, when decocking it? My other remmys fall smoothly and just make a slight audible click at the point where the bolt is unlocked.
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