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@BGutzman: In my opinion, "Good enough for self-defense ranges." means, "I'm willing to intentionally handicap my ability to shoot because they are so close I 'can't miss'."

And people miss, especially under stress, at any range. There is no reason to make your job harder if there is a better alternative that meets or exceeds all of the prerequisites for the intended usage.
Anything this small is not going to be a sniper rifle of a pistol at ranges more than 25 feet.. That said I have no problem hitting out to 50 or 60 foot... But it’s not the same nice small group... If felt the need I have a 460 Rowland and a SIG P220 that hits pretty well at more distant ranges.. Other than that its rifle or shotgun..

I just don’t see the typical engagement being more than 50 or 60 foot and statically it’s a lot more likely to be a lot closer than that if you’re in a SD situation.
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