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Well Buzzard first let me warn ya, this WILL become addictive!

"JJ" is right it will become addictive.
I've been calling coyotes for more years then I can remember, now it's by far my favorite form of hunting.

As suggested mind the wind, I try to keep it in my face when possible.
I remember one time I was calling, had the wind to my face.
I see this coyote coming in at mach speed from a half mile out, the wind switched on me blowing my scent right into the coyotes face.
The coyote was about 250 yards out when the wind changed, he left faster then he was coming in and never missed a step when he spun around to leave.

Another thing, try to hide bare skin especially your face.
I use face paint but a good face net will work also.

I also always sit with something to my back, preferably a good size tree.

Keep after it you will enjoy it and good luck with your hunting.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter
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