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Alarms and cameras seem a bit "after the fact".
That was my initial thought. However my favorite nugget of advice in this thread was that I should make my house harder to break into than my neighbors.

I know from speaking with a trooper that alarms are not completely effective because the criminals know that the police are usually three towns away. They can get in and out before they need to worry.

They'd have to drive 50 yards up my driveway and park in front of my garage. My relative seclusion makes me vulnerable. But a highly visible sign mounted high on the garage, with a camera would demonstrate that they and their vehicle have been captured, at least in a digital sense. That could deter them.

I like the idea of a motion detector that triggers a radio. My front door has a small frosted glass window, I've placed a lamp on a shelf so that when you approach the door you can see that the lamp is on. I'm hoping that helps too.

And my big dog will bark like crazy. She's going to be a good watchdog for a long time, she's only 11 months old. But folks in my town shoot all the time, and a gunshot during the middle of the day wouldn't raise an eyebrow. So I'm hoping to keep her and my stuff safe.
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