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straight from website(I emailed this to myself in march and am copying/pasting)

follow instructions and it is a done deal...I recommend fedex(ups was finnicky which was relly weird even though I had an unloaded gun and it was in the car while I went in to ask them if it was ok...I was sortof shocked really...he seemed like it was a personal decision and not company's protocol(he said he didnt want to be liable if it misfired???!!??)..anyways i respected his wishes and the lady at fedex helped me in five minutes and said she does it all the time):

Cobra Derringers come with a factory direct lifetime warranty. It covers all owners of the firearm. If at anytime you are having any difficulties with your gun you may send it in for repair or service. All warranty claims should state the model and serial number of the firearm being sent in for service. Please enclose your name, physical address, and phone number. Federal Firearms license holders can ship thru the USPS. with proper paperwork. Individuals must ship via Federal Express or UPS priority overnight. NEVER ship ammunition with your gun when sending in for service or repair. We suggest that you insure when shipping. NEVER ship a loaded gun. Cobra Enterprises of Utah. Inc. will accept no responsibility for loss or damage in transit. Return shipping and insurance will be covered by Cobra Enterprises of Utah, Inc. Warranty Exclusions
Cobra Enterprises of Utah, Inc. will not be responsible for repair issues resulting from corrosion, abuse, neglect, ordinary wear and tear to the finish, or unreasonable use, disassembly of the gun beyond the instructions in this manual, unauthorized adjustments or modifications made, or careless handling or criminal misuse. Cobra Enterprises of Utah, Inc. reserves the right to determine what is normal wear and tear.
Send repair guns to:
Cobra Enterprises of Utah, Inc
1960 S Milestone Drive, Suite F
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
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