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I cast for nearly everything I have--rifle and handgun both. If you're going to get into casting, or even just shooting commercial cast bullets, do yourself a favor and READ--READ--READ. Absorb as much as you can first. Most of the myths against shooting lead are because of people who try it "half-way" without understanding, and then have nothing but bad experiences. With a little education, you'd be amazed what you really can do with cast bullets. I feed my AK almost exclusively cast with frightening performance, my Mosin thinks it's firing match bullets it runs them so well, my modified hollow point for my 40S&W performs side by side if not better than factory jacketed HP's, and paper-patched lead through my Winchester drives as hard as any jacketed bullet could but with much more versatility. Not even worth mentioning my Black Hawk--it doesn't even know what a jacketed bullet is but chews one ragged hole for grouping with everything I feed it--all lead.

Yes---if you're willing to put the time and effort into learning and developing it, casting is a very rewarding adventure.
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