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You could even call it forced, and enforced, late "childhood". Young people do not accept responsibility because they are not expected to.

When I was 12 I recieved my first firearm (that was "mine", in my room, for me to use when I could afford the ammo) Some back then (50's) got "their" first gun earlier, so later...but...

My first gun was a single shot .22 rifle. I wanted a repeater and was very disappointed that it was a single shot. Dad said, "you show you are responsible with the single shot, we can talk about a repeater next year." Yes, that was my 12th birthday present. Oh, and yes, I did get the repeater for my next birthday...still have it. Marlin Model 80.

If you did that today you would be considered crazy, or neglegent. No 12 year-old is "responsible" enough everyone says. Why? because they are never given, or are required to be responsible.

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