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Again, I have a chamber, I have a die, die and shell holder, I can size cases for short chambers, .012 thousandths shorter than a go-gage length chamber (.017 thousandths shorter than a minimum length/full length sized case to .016 thousandths longer than a go-gage length chamber (.013 thousandths longer than a minimum length case from the head of the case to its shoulder) and for me that should be enough, I can not size or worry about SAAMI’s chamber or cases.

Diameters, I have my diameters, there is nothing I can do to get my chambers to match SAAMI diameters, then there is the die, I use full length sizer dies, I have neck sizer dies, I have forming/trim dies, I have improved/modified dies, if my dies do not agree with SAAMI specifications, though, again, I purchased a 300 win Mag Model 70, the ugliest chamber I have ever seen, all I wanted was a chamber to fit my dies, or a set of Winchester dies to fit their chamber, I know there are dies available for sizing those thought to size cases, I will say it again, no one made dies for that large chamber.

When sizing cases to fit the chamber I avoid reducing the diameter mindlessly, again, I do not mind having air between the chamber and case body, because time is a factor I want the minimum amount of room between the case body and chamber.

Transfers and standards: If reloaders were fans of transfers, standards and verifying like me, I could understand the “SAAMI says etc.,..........”

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