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#1 I'll go home and measure several flats out of the box to make sure but the 2 flats I sampled were out of spec to the point that, as stated, they would have to deformed/crushed to fit normal primer pockets in order to be even flush. Took them back to the store, they measured them and agreed. Even flush would be good enough in some guns, but not in the 45-70 tubular fed lever that I also was going to use them for.

I'm sure Mr Lee will appreciate the advice. You will probably help him stay in business another 45 years.

When I have something that doesn't work out like I think it should, I usually find that it is me that doesn't have things quite right, not the equipment.
Your sarcasm has gone a long way in educating me. As I have said, others have had the same problem per multiple other posts on multiple boards. They have suggested you put the trimmer in a drill and stone it down until it fits.

#3 Took the bullets back the day I found the error. The man at store measured projectiles from 4 different boxes from same supplier and they were all 0.450 in a box marked 0.452. He was suprised, too. Went back a week later and he had them all sealed back up and on the shelf. Poor business, sell the problem to someone else.

Thanks for the constructive advise. And before anyone else says it again, I will. "I have never trimmed brass in straight case pistol ammo in the *** years I've been reloading. You don't need to."

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