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No currs are not a pure breed of any hound... The term is from the websters definition...
A curr is "any lessor dog" or in this case a "mixed breed"... The dogs we call a curr got that term from the old timers who cross bred various hounds and other breeds to build a specific dog for their needs...
Black mouth curr
Yellow black mouth curr
Mountain curr
Florida curr
all are known as hog dogs...o hog hunter I respect would ever put that dog back in the dog box for another hunt... It is just to risky to the other dogs on the ground or the human hunters...

We have bred silent on track into most hog hunting breeds (currs) this took 150 years of selective breeding and strict culling practices to develop what we use today.

I don't know of many danes that would stay caught after being cut down...

But I know my bulldogs will bleed out before letting go in their last breaths. This is a requirement of mine and those who taught me what I know.

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