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“factory Lapua Silver Scenars” Information belong with your first post, but then you had “I purchased 2 boxes of ammo to break it in and begin the process of tuning a load for the rifle with the spent brass”

My opinion, it is not going to be easy to improve on your results with reloads, it goes back to the discussion/rational for or against full length sizing, some fantastic groups have been shot with factory ammo, do not want to bore anyone but I paid $120.00, $150 and $250.00 for three rifles that shoot one hole groups with factory ammo, the best results come with Federal GMM, then there is R-P in the green box, the $120.00 (Remington M1917) and $150.00 (Santa Fe Remington 03 before A3) were purchased for parts. Then there was the Mauser 98 late issue, the rifle was dipped in something black and the stock appeared to be stained with red shoe polish, without a scope, I thought the bullets were tumbling, another ugly rifle I added to the leaver policy group, I ‘lefter’ the way I founder.

Thanks for hanging in there.
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