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Just when you thought, it couldn't happen !!

If I remember correctly, there are some BATF requirements as to dealer storage and also as to the quantity that an individual may possess - but, I may be wrong on that. If a person, like the OP feels a greater "peace of mind" in regards to storing their powder in one of these . . . more power to 'em.
One of my powder dealers, tells me that he has to have an outside bunker to store BP. When at the shows, he keeps all his BP, in his panel truck and only displays empty containers. If you buy a can, he has to go outside to get your order. I do know that he is only following a regulation but do not know under whose mandate. I'll have to ask him, next time I see him. ....

I don't understand all the concern about static electricity. Static electricity wont set off bp or smokeless.
For the most part, this is true but as we all know, static electricity is and "electrical" spark. So the concern is just how much of a spark does it take to set it off. Then there are what I call, clean and dirty sparks. Static is mostly clean and "should not" pose a problem. Flint, cap and other sources, produce a dirty spark that will set it off. I've eaten crow all too often shen i said it couldn't happen. ......

Be Safe !!!
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