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The P290 is a great little gun... If you look on you tube several of the biggest youtube critics have IMHO no business using any guns... One guy seems to think you pull the trigger on a empty chamber and then load the magazine while the trigger is still fully and intentionally depressed and then he has issues.

When he does load it like the rest of the world it works flawlessly.

I have a P290 first Edition that is a little masterpiece.. I hate DAO triggers and yet on the 290 I knew going it that it was DAO and I actually like its trigger.

The only downside for me is the extended mag is a little pricy and for whatever reason it doesnt seem to want to seat without a moment or two of playing with it... The standard 6 round mag does not have this issue... Once either magazine is locked it stays in place.

It could be I got a questionable magazine and others aren’t like this... I don’t know.. With or without the extended mag the gun is very, very accurate and controllable, the gun just feels solid and sound like the quality gun it is.
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