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P290 versus Nano?

Of the two guns mentioned, which would you be more likely to buy, based on personal experience or internet reading/technology/features? I recently sold my PM9 because I just didn't like the way it shot, although I admit it never malfunctioned. I may hold out for a Shield (on a waiting list), but I worry that it may be a LITTLE too big for what I want. I already have a M&P9c and I LOVE that gun. Shoots great, probably better than any others I have had.

From what I have read on the internet, the Nano has had some FTE issues, but they seem to either get fixed quickly by Beretta or the issue has now been resolved, because most recent posts I have seen have been positive. The Nano feels good to me, although I have never owned an auto without a slide stop of some kind, so that worries me a "little".

Of the two guns, I kind of liked the trigger of the P290 a little better than the Nano, even though most reviews I have seen have said just the opposite, that the Nano has the better trigger. Without actually firing them it's hard to say for sure.

The Nano is very sleek and seems like it would be easy to carry. Most folks seems to like it. The P290 has the slide release, night sights, plus comes with a cheap paddle holster, but it costs about $75 more.

So, from real world experience or perception from what you have seen, which would be the better option?


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