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Jason, the spread of difference between case lengths from the shoulder/datum could indicate the lack of quality control at one manufacturer of new ammo, I can not find where you have listed the manufacturer of the two boxes of ammo, most of the new unfired ammo I have checked came from someone with a problem.

A shooter with 2 boxes of R-P ammo and a new rifle had 5 fail to fire out of the first box, the 5 failed to fire rounds were chambered in two other 30/06 rifles and hit with an additional 4 strikes of a firing pin, nothing, conclusion? Bad ammo, a reloader/shooter at the range called me and ask if I was aware of R-P ammo having bad primers etc.. And I always have to ask “WHY!!! ? Long story, I instructed them to call Remington, and I told them where to find the phone number, my thinking? Remington would like to know.

later that day the reloader/shooter at the range calls and says he is bringing the 15 fired cases over with the 5 that failed to fire, and again everyone at the range left there saying “BAD AMMO”, he left the green Remington box in the litter can and did not get the contact information for the proud but disappointed owner of the new rifle and ammo. First I collected the tools for measuring, weighing, and pulling apart, the fired cases chambered in my chamber gage with thumb pressure, the protrusion was .092 thousandths, (in my opinion the fired cases were fired in one very fine chamber). then we checked the failed to fire case lengths, in the chamber gage the case protruded .090 thousandths, in a perfect go-gage length chamber the case would be .005 thousandths shorter than the chamber.

After pulling the bullets we weighed the bullet, powder and case, in my opinion the results was better and or as good as can be accomplished at home, then we punched the primers out of the FTF cases, examined them and then reinstalled them back into the same cases they were removed from, we chambered them in one of my M1917 rifles and pulled the trigger, with out bullet and or powder, the firing pin crushed the primers and all 5 failed to fire fired in the M1917. My reloader/shooting friend then went home, got on the Internet, did searches and then called me wanting to know where I purchased the tools used to check the cases. the answer, the RCBS 10/10 is from RCBS, the Wilson case gage is from L.E. Wilson etc.. of course, he was not asking about the obvious, the other tools were tools that had/have more than one purpose and disguised as tools used for reloading.

Again, a builder, collector, recourse 1911, Garand, and anything 03 to 03A4, shooter reloader was building a period correct Rock Island 03 for 1911, he had a box of go-gages, nothing In the box gave him the length of the chamber in thousandths, he had given up on help from the Internet. As soon as someone would say “You can.....” the next response would be “No you can’t......” anyhow, I was purchasing a mill from him and gathering the parts, when finished I explained to him “This is your lucky day......” I explained to him I check head space 3 different ways without a head space gage, I collect parts of tools, tools and other gages from the wall, bench and tool boxes in his shop and started, his new creation had a chamber that was .0075 longer than a minimum length/full length sized case. He had no less than 80 Springfield 03 and 03A3 bolts, not one bolt of the 80 would reduce head space .001 thousandths, I have no less than 30 (most new old) Springfield bolts, I offered to check my bolts knowing I could not reduce his head space with one of my bolts ‘PLUS’ he had one straight handle 03 bolt, that one was in the rifle, and I have one straight handle 03 bolt, it is in a Rock Island 03, ground to fit a scope. A bent 03 bolt would not be period correct for the Rock Island.

Then I offered to form cases for his new creation that would off set the difference between the length of the chamber and the length of his cases, he has the only hydraulic operated press I know of, it has a two way piston, and no, the piston is not an add-on.

Again, I want to know the length of the chamber, I want to know the length of the case from the head of the case to its shoulder in thousandths, the head space gage be it a go, no or beyond gage, the gage is a fixed length gage, I can modify a go-gage to check the length of a chamber in thousandths from .005 longer than a minimum length case to infinity, problem, it would no longer be period correct and it would have less less value.

F. Guffey

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