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- All this talk about chamber pressures with short OAL and incomplete powder burn / squibs with too long of an OAL really pointed me to following the manual to a T. But if I did that, I'd have 400 useless bullets on my hands now. My (most recent edition) Lyman manual stated that they do NOT "play it safe" with their load data yet in comparison to other manuals their powder charges tend to be a bit milder. I will follow the manual as much as possible but not if it doesn't work (as long as I can stay safe). Lawsuits these days.
Well, a few years ago I called Hodgdon to get load data for my 155 grain rn lead bullets for my 40S&W.
Customer service rep at Hodgdon told me they had NO DATA and that NOBODY LOADED LEAD IN 40S&W
I went with a charge weight of 4.8 grains of Titegroup and have had no problems so far.

Now my question was to the CS rep did I have some rare bullet never made before? He did not even give me a starting point or any suggestion other than NOBODY LOADS LEAD IN 40S&W
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