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Do we prepare for what will only definitely happpen, or do we prepare for what could possibly happen, to the best of our planning? I choose the latter...
I think most of us prepare for what might happen, we just all draw different lines. Not many of us - outside of law enforcement - wear body armor every day, and not many of us carry a long gun.
Average Americans are far more likely to be killed by our vices, our cars, or our diets than be murdered.
I carry a gun. Depending on my outfit sometimes I even carry a gun that might even be considered "high capacity", but I don't want to live my life worried about and preparing for being attacked by a knife wielding mob. .
I absolutely agree that, as a rule, more rounds at your disposal is better than fewer, but talking about what might have happened if things had been different is just conjecture. What if the mobbers had gotten involved with sports instead of gang violence? What if all pubs had security doors? What if everyone at the pub had brought their doberman to watch the game? What if guns were legal in England, and as popular as they are here, then the victim was one of the 90% who don't carry anyway?
More than anything, this story is proof that sometimes really bad stuff happens for no reason.
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