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for convenient woods protection in the lower 48 states,
For your intended purpose, in the lower 48 either are WAY more than I'd be interested in. My personal choice is a Glock 20, with a quality 4" 357 mag revolver a close 2nd choice.

Despite all the hype protecion from 2 legged predators is a far more serious concern. I'd make my choice with that in mind, and actually carrry my Glock26 most of the time. If there is a possibility of bear, then either a properly loaded 357 or 10mm is more than adequate for the job, without being too big and cumbersome to carry around.

If I were in areas with really large bears I might make the same choices, and for the same reasons, but would rather carry a lightweight carbine in a suitable chambering. They aren't much larger and heavier than those hand cannons.
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