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-After you have seated your bullets to the desired OAL, remove die from the press and the seating plug from the die.

-Then run the seated round to the very top of the press stroke and leave it there.

-Next, screw the die, with seating plug removed, into the press until it solidly contacts the loaded round.

-Finally, lower the press ram and loaded round and turn the die into the press 1/4 turn more and lock it there.

-Run your loaded round back into the die. You should feel the die crimp the round at about the same time you reach the top of the press stoke (downward handle limit).

Remove your round, check the crimp. If it looks ok, crimp the rest of your loaded rounds. You can adjust the amount of crimp from here by moving the die in or out slight amounts if you are not satisfied with the amount of crimp.
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