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Oh, I didn't mean for them, specifically.

I meant it as a real-world example to dispel the antis' b.s. argument of "You don't need the ability to be able to shoot more than a few rounds to defend yourself...a few rounds is all you should be allowed to be able to shoot and anything more is an unreasonable request and goes against common sense."

This proves that there are indeed times when you may be attacked by a very large group, instantly, and need to be able to fire more than "a few rounds" in order to effectively defend yourself.

The fact is that they were attacked by almost 2 dozen thugs...but it is only a guess that all of them would have stopped attacking after a shot or two was fired in defense. Mobs are unpredictible; some may have tried to continue the attack.

It is not a fantasy; it really does happen, and with terrifying speed and horrible results.
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