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"Appreciate the post Wille. Most people who have never experianced what it is like in a place like this will never understand what it is really like, and quite frankly I can't blame them. It's very hard to devolope an understanding of something that does not make sense in any way shape or form"

The reciprocal of that is that somone like me who lived in NJ for decades, grew to the age of majority there, and tried to enjoy shooting there as a hobby, is essentially "scarred for life" in regards to their worldview of the way the police and prosecutors will deal with firearms in other venues. I'm VERY glad to be living elsewhere, enjoying my rights as a citizen (for the first time in 50 years, I might add), have my CCW, carry daily, and yet... still.... I feel a sense of "guilt" for the lack of a better word when I see a police cruiser out of the corner of my eye. Being trained with aversion therapy for decades is not something that is easy to lose.

NJ is a place where you have exactly the firearms rights that the police and the prosecutors office say you have... not more and not less. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of our Republic is a joke there. Shoot a bad guy IN YOUR HOUSE and the first thought of most of the people there would be "How the hell do I get this dead criminal outta here and into the meadowlands without anyone seeing me"...... because you WILL be charged and harassed and life will become a nightmare for you. Do this on the street... well, you may live, but you're going away for a long-long time. We have people in prison in NJ for shooting a pigeon with a BB gun out of their window: It's a felony there.

I never knew anyone who actually carried in contravention of the law here, and I certainly never did. Heck, I felt like a damned criminal just driving to the range with a .22 in my trunk. I'm sure some do... but not many.


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