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To defend my compatriot from Cape May (greetings cousin!), let me interject this:

In NJ, where I lived for years, posession of a firearm outside of your own propery is a crime unless you are directly transporting to or from a shooting range. No exceptions. If you ever use one to defend yourself, you WILL be arrested and prosecuted as a criminal. No exceptions. Those NJ residents who participate in civil disobediance and carry for defense in contravention of the law are already felons.. albeit ones who have made the calculus decision to accept trial by 12 rather than transport by 6 if they need to defend themselves. NONE of them will be picking up the phone to report that they have drawn on a bad guy who then ran... they will simply be hoping against hope that they can withdraw without anyone noticing. I daresay that most "disobediant" (IE: "Criminal" if you want to use the correct term) carriers in NJ would not even bother calling 911 after shooting a bad guy... even if other than their decision to violate the carry laws they are saints: Makes no difference if their defense was justified under defensive use of force laws: For the mere carriage of what they then lawfully used they will go to jail, no if's and's or but's. They would likely attempt to disengage and dissapear... alive and still scared of what the state will try to do to them. It's sad but true. There is NO rapport between the law and firearms owners in NJ.

This mindset is so ingrained into the NJ shooting community that members of same have a complete and utter distrust of law enforcement policies in regards to firearms. Nobody with any sense in NJ draws any attention to themselves regarding firearms in any way, whatsoever. Not at home, work, play, or anywhere else.

It really *is* another world there.



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