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Originally Posted by dyl
What i have is actually Semi-Wadcutter. Looks like I have IDP #9. Sorry for the confusion.

I would think truncated cone would feed better having smoother edges.
Using the OAL listed in the published load data will not ensure the finished rounds will reliably feed/chamber in your pistol as typically universal barrel fixtures (and not actual pistols) are used to measure average maximum chamber pressures.

SWC bullet reliably feeding would depend on several factors (the profile of the bullet nose, ramp angle/length of the barrel, magazine lips/spring tension, etc.). 45ACP 200 gr SWC bullets often follow the same nose profile/ogive of the RN to bump the same part of the bullet nose on the feed ramp to feed reliably.

As the SWC bullet is pushed forward in the magazine by the slide rib, the nose of the bullet "bumps" on the ramp. The reason why SWC bullet don't hang on the ramp edge is because as the base of the round clears the magazine feed lips, the spring tension of the magazine pushes the base of the round up along the breach wall/extractor to align the round with the chamber to be pushed in by the slide/recoil spring. The nose/shoulder of the SWC bullet don't actually "slide" on the feed ramp but "bump" against it.

Ensure you use sufficient taper crimp and Max OAL for the finished round to fall into the chamber freely with a "plonk" and not hit the start of rifling when you spin it. If the Ideal OAL that will feed/chamber reliably from the magazine when you manually release the slide, you should be able to do your powder work up to determine the charge that will reliably cycle the slide and extract/eject the spent case reliably.
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