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“No excessive or even noticeable amount of extra force was needed to close the bolt. I can, if necessary, post a picture of the calipers and the reading since some are in disbelief.
I will contact the gunsmith and return the gun to have the chamber measured”

Jason, I make gages, it is not likely your smith has anything beyond a go-gage, no go-gage and or a field reject gage. I determine the the length of the chamber before installing the barrel, after installing, I verify the measurement, I do not assume unsupported case head or case head protrusion.

I purchases 4 Mauser rifles for $25.00 each, all were on their second (wore out) barrel, and I was told the rifles were suspect, I used one barrel to test all 4 receivers, with 4 bolts, 4 receivers and 1 barrel, the combined difference with any combination was .001 thousandths, all of that without a go-gage. The case head protrusion on the barrel was .110, the barrel was Belgium and chambered to 30 Gibbs.

I would suggest you take the 2 boxes of ammo with your HORNADY case comparator with the rifle, and if there is .017 thousandths difference between the longest and shortest case from the case head to the shoulder/datum the manufacturer needs to know, again, the long case should not have chambered, the other numbers posted before and after firing would indicate a chamber that is close in length to the case length, meaning with minimum length new ammo, when fired, increase in length from the head of the case to the shoulder .001 (+/-) very little.

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