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Crimp question.

Ok last night I was doing some 45 ACP rounds and set up to do a slight crimp. The Crimp is suppose to be a slight crimp at the very top of the brass and just slightly there correct? I mean it isnt suppose to end up a quarter of the way down the brasS? I ask because I was just pushing the round into the crimp till I felt a slight resistance. Then one of them I coughed and unintentionally I jerked the round into the die where it is about 1/4 of the way down the brass/casing. I will do my best to get a pic posted tonight when I get home if i can get on my computer and kick the wife off of it.

If I am remembering the measurements correctly where it was in further was around .450 and then where it was not down at the lower half was around .473ish. I am going to seperate the round and resize the case hopefully but not sure if I can do it with the primer in there. If not I may have to just fire it like a blank at the range to use the primer. If this makes since and I hope it does I appreciate the input.
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