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I agree with gryphon, I am also contented with my 9mm's and .45's calibers. I like the flatness of my .45 Colt full size. If I tucked it with the 7 rounds, you could hardly notice it even under a casual T-Shirt. The 10 rounder magazines are in my pouch for my reservation just in case.

Ported pistols are good looking and some ot it produces more sound perhaps to scare a common criminal if it hears the big bang.

The revolvers I love it too for its simplicity also. the only advantage for me of a revolver is, if I shoot a criminal then it would be hard to trace me for there is no empty shells scattered around.

Some advices I heard from the streets, they put a .38 special bullets on .357 so that it will not be easily traced if the gun is licensed. As well as to the .45, they interchange barrels.
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