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Yea, it's in the latest Catalog and you have to really look at the page to notice how different it looks. First you notice the creeping loading lever and then the curvature of the grips, then the full bluing and steel backstrap, etc.
Reading the text you find the story about the revolver and begin to wonder...
After posting, I did some reserch and can't find any referance to a late London Model but as one poster said it's a neat revolver and worthy of a buy if you happen to have the cash!
I'm gonna save up and hope I can make the deadline on the catalog and try to get one to match my Uberti '51 London. Might make an interesting stablemate? I doubt that the "real" Model exhisted but many of Piettia's fantasy revolvers are pretty good (like their 6 shot"Police Model").
I just thought I'd give ya all a heads-up in case anyone might want one...
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