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Bogus 5150 event, CA ownership ban, moving to MI- can I purchase/own?

Hi everyone- I know this is my first post here, but I'd greatly appreciate the help of anyone who knows for certain what my gun rights might be given my situation...

I had an ex-girlfriend call in a completely false report that I had been threatening myself if she moved out of our apartment. She used the time it took me to convince everyone I was sane (about 5 minutes per person, but 48 hours in the system) to pack up and move, skipping out on paying anything for the remaining months of the lease we both signed. Even though I was out before the 72-hours was even up, I still am subject to a 5-year ban on owning a gun in CA. This was recent and I still have the opportunity to fight it via court hearing in front of a judge, but I am moving out of state and really couldn't care less about my California gun rights now that I am going to be living in Michigan. It's a shame that my CZ-75 is going to be turned into scrap, but a gun is a lot cheaper to replace than a lawyer is to hire.

My question is if any state laws in MI could be used to reference the event back in CA as a reason to deny my ability to purchase a firearm once I am a legal resident here? I know that federal law would have disqualified me for either 5 or 10 years if I had been admitted for a 14-day hold after the 72 hours was up, but this is definitely not relevant here. The only Information I'm after and cannot seem to find online is if this type of event and regulation in one state can follow me to another.

For the record, this is an open and shut case and not a debate about a potentially unstable person moving to own a weapon. The officer who responded to the event and detained me, the nurse and doctor who admitted me, and the entire staff of the hospital all suggested I pursue legal action against HER for the false report. The gun was found in a locked case with a loaded clip but no round chambered, hidden under the bed exactly as I had described it to the officer. I might be able to win this myself in a hearing, but that would mean literally having to fly cross-country to be present in person and then hoping I get a judge who gives a fair decision.

Thanks for the help guys.
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