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I've been busted alot, lol...

I've had them circle and linger for quite some time.

It's all part of the learning experience.

The good thing is, you know where they are. I wait till they start howling before I call, but, the difference is I call a night. They come in quiet and on trails. Dry brush and hay, you can hear them running. Quick bumps with the spot light don't bother them. Once they get so close they will turn back to leave. A squeak or chirp or yip will get them to take one more look. A little mouth call will come in handy for that, I can't do the lip squeak like others do, so, I hold a small call in my lips when shooting time comes. .223 or similar with varmint bullets will stop them instantly with a shot between any two of the four legs.

Keep checking back for more tips..... This is a slow time of the year for the hunting forum but more folks with good tips will show up...
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