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It is well and good that professors are not removed because of outrage. Progun professors might have some trouble in some institutions.

Anyway, Bloomberg is on the way out and his bully pulpit may not survive to the next mayor.

It hasn't been successful. Winkler's (in Gun Fight) analysis of the Heller decision indicates that the Mayor of DC thought that their restrictions and fight against the suit would lead to a nation wide movement against handguns. Even antigunners asked him fold his tent rather than risk SCOTUS. Ego prevailed. However, one must admit Heller was a close call.

McDonald - another blow following Heller didn't help the city mayor's crusade.

I regard Bloomberg's initiative as a creature of his urban environment. It's like those weird worms that live near the hot tubes in the deep trenches of the ocean - with an ecology and biology unique to those holes.

The Big city mayor will rant against handguns given the crime related problems of their population and have no insight into the rest of the nation that supports gun ownership. The crime problem may seem to be easily fixed by attacking guns but crime is dropping and its causes are socio-economic.

I'd expect the initiatives to go NOWHERE even after the election, no matter who wins and the fears of some.
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