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NIG's were much older than 1913 - that gun is a Flues Model, noted for it's light weight compared to the competition and previous & later Ithaca Models.

However, the reason Flues Models are lighter is exactly why it's not a good idea to fire ANY modern ammo in one, even so-called "low brass", "field" or "target" loads.

The Flues was designed with internal clearance cuts for it's cocking mechanism, that incidentally made it lighter, which was OK for the ammo of the time - pre 1925.

The cuts made the Flues unsuitable for the ammo made after 1925.

In 1925, the ammo companies significantly upgraded ALL their loads, causing Ithaca to discontinue the Flues in favor of the heavier/stronger NID in 1926.

IF the action is examined by a good double gunsmith as safe to fire at all, i.e. with no hinge and/or bbl & rib issues, then several companies today, like RST, PolyWad, Kent, & GameBore make appropriate low-powered ammo for these older/vintage guns.


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