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Older Ithaca SXS questions

I'm looking into buying an older Ithaca 12 gauge side by side and was hoping someone here could give me some info on it. The s/n is 234993 which from what I have found makes it a Flues or NIG model and it was produced in 1913. My first question is, with this gun being almost 100 years old will it be safe to use current shells in? I don't plan on constantly using high powered loads but would like to know it can handle whatever 12 gauge shells I happen to have at the time. My intention for this gun is to have it cut down to 18.5" and have it as a homemade coach gun. I'll hire a gunsmith to cut down the barrel but if the stock is too long would I have to hire someone to customize it or is that something I could buy aftermarket? My last question is what should I give for this gun? It is in good shape aside from a little damage to the stock and some surface rust around the break open lever. The guy wants $180 for it.
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