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calling coyotes

I took my E-Call out this morning to a new place to see how it would work.
I got out before sun-up , sat for about 20 min letting things get settled.
I started with a jackrabbit call, called, waited about 3 min called again.
Over to my left I here yips and barks , then over to my right I here more yips and barks.
I used the "invatation" call and got answers right away. just as it was getting interesting the sun came up over the mountain and I could not see a thing. I did not pay attention and was looking right into the sun.
My question is, other than a better position is there a better set of calls that I might have used. Keep in mind I have not got my first one yet and everything I am doing is trial and error.
Oh yeah the call is a Knight & Hale E-Call.
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