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You must understand that here it's a cultural thing! Here, generally speaking, government is NOT viewed as a helpful, big brotherish entity. For those that are enamored of the originalist, constitutional concept of American Govt., Govt. is a necessary evil, to be minimalized at best, and preferably,mostly avoided.

The view that 'if I'm not commiting a crime, leave me alone' is a rejection on it's face of the concept that government has an inherent right to intrude on one's right to privacy. Absent any articular able reason, no entity of government ought to have the ability to intrude on an otherwise peaceful citizens action. Insofar as the illicit the felon or otherwise prohibited, well, a prime concept in our legal system is that it's better that many of the guilty go free rather than one innocent be convicted....guess you could extend that to even a query. In general, one has no obligation to respond to baseless questioning, and generally may absent himself/herself from such a contact. IE: "If I'm NOT under arrest, I'm leaving". If one is stopped thereafter it's likely an arrest, and likely false, illegal, and therefore actionable!

Like I said, its an American thing, and in sum, not a bad idea if one is not a subscriber to extended governmental power!

I meant to add, that even after being a LEO for plus 30, I remain convinced that for the 'convenience of gov't' or it's agents, is probably the WORST reason for passage of any legislation. Too, it's worth stating that one of the primary reasons for the inclusion of our right to bear arms in our BOR, is that such a provision provided the final statement for a corrupt short, the ultimate vote!

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