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I’m sorry but if one officer shoots another officer and the BG fires no rounds and apparently wasn’t even near the door as they entered and that’s where this guy was shot I don’t see how you can charge him with murder.. Especially if the BG never fired a round.

Knock less warrants are just plain wrong... Get a bunch of people rushing in to someone’s house unannounced is a great way to get someone hurt or killed... I always try to treat officers with respect, and would try to help them in an emergency if it meant saving a life or preventing serious injury I would do what I could so long as it was apparent that the officer was in distress or would likely die if I didn’t intercede. I never want to be a police officer or attempt to be one but they are valuable servants of the community and deserving of our support.

I know many people are negative on police but the bottom line is they are there when you need them and they come in all types of weather, rain, snow or shine and no one calls you to come to a birthday party its always a negative situation..

They have my respect and gratitude even if I may disagree with the attitudes of one individual or another...

I just can imagine the situation where someone is startled awake as they raid a house (potentially even the wrong house) and the owner initiates self defense against a mass of unannounced intruders... It will be a sad day for everyone..
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