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In the USA we have no law requiring us to provide ID to anyone unless they suspect us of a crime, or if we require a permit to do what we are seen doing. If we are seen driving, we can "generally" be asked for our drivers license. If a state requires a permit to carry a pistol, we can be asked to show the permit. But "generally" we are free to not identify ourselves. With open carry it may be a grey area: You cannot posess a firearm if you are a prohibited person, IE: a convicted criminal, etc... so how are the police to know if it's OK or not without checking? And I am sure that people can argue it both ways with full conviction.

Now, I am a defender of our 2nd amendment, and I excercise my rights to the fullest. With that said: The "Open Carry" folks who carry openly in cities and other places where it really is not appropriate from a "social" viewpoint are really just asking to be challenged. In my personal view, many of them delight in just being passive-aggressive confrontationalists. Yes they may have the "right"... but that does not make it "right". I equate it to farting loudly in an elevator: There's no law against it, but do not be surprised if you are not welcomed with open arms for your actions. In the end they make it harder for all of us to gain acceptance from the public. Confrontations like this make us no friends.

And, in fact... it's a stupid tactic if you really want to carry for self defense. Giving up the advantage of surprise is not terribly smart.



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