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mete and DNS, I don't think the problem is with people believing you, I think it's simply a matter of "what if?"

As in, if I assume the bear will really try to complete the charge, and I am ready to deal with that prospect, I am probably better off than if I assume (because statistics so indicate) that he is probably bluffing, and he turns out to be in earnest.

It is arguably more dangerous to assume a bluff.
Trying to clear up what wasn't unclear again?

I made no statements about people believing me and made no statements about the danger level. mete was trying to find out if the charge was real or not and I provided insight into what the behaviors indicate. This was an after-the-fact assessment, not a what-if predictive assessment. If the bear was determined to get Irish B., then the warning shot would not have made any difference and quite possibly, shots in the bear would not have mattered either as the bear would have continued until he dropped. The bear's behaviors and the lack of follow through on the charge indicate that it was a bluff or false charge.

Nobody has suggested not being ready to deal with a problem. Nobody has suggested that the indicated behaviors were absolute for determining what they mean. Nobody has suggested that a bear can't change its mind. It would be stupid to pull a Timothy Treadwell and not exercise appropriate precautions. Irish B obviously didn't pull a Timothy Treadwell, and he did make sure the bear didn't change his mind by firing a warning shot. I have pointed out several times that even brief physical contact with bears can result in serious injury and hospitalization.
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