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There is much discussion here about what the 2nd amendment means. I don't recall reading much about who it applies to. My wife's ancestor, George Mason, who actually thought of it, clearly didn't mean for it to apply to everyone. He had no problem with slavery, so all of those rights we cherish simply didn't apply to them. I'm no scholar and not even a good speller but I don't know what other limitations he may have had in mind with the bill of rights. I even suspect he may not have intended it to apply to women!
Both of which were changed by Constitutional Amendment, as opposed to the more modern style of simply declaring that the Constitution says 4+4=9 and getting 5 votes to agree with you.

I don't think anyone has a problem with changing the Constitution so much as they do with the way the Constitution has been continually changed without any resort to the actual method provided for changing it.
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