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See Lubbock SWAT 2001. We have some threads here and you can google it. 369 rounds fired, 3 people hit with 1 killed and 2 wounded after responding to a call about man who might be suicidal who was burning belongings from his house in the yard (apparently, most of his wife's stuff after they had fight).
A similar situation happened in Utah, last year.

A 'Narcotics Strike Force' was performing a drug raid. A shot was fired just as the entry team was to breech the door of the suspect's house. One of the entry team members went down. Everyone opened up on the house to suppress the suspect's fire.

5 additional officers were wounded by friendly fire. The officer that went down was named Jared Francom. He did not survive. He took a round to the back of the head, courtesy of another team member that couldn't control his trigger finger.

The suspect was found armed, hiding in the house, but never fired a shot. The police agencies involved, however, continued to villainize the suspect for weeks. Last I heard, the State was still trying to find a way to stick murder charges to the suspect for the officer's death, even though the suspect never fired a shot and all wounded parties were hit by friendly fire....

The real fallout from this incident, though, is that Utah police agencies are using his death to push for more no-knock warrants... and they're winning. ...a subject of its own, but worth mentioning.
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