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If coldbore got offended, it was his own fault. Notice he has not posted since 01-11, so he must have got offended right on out of here.

People that can't stand to be corrected may not be good candidates for reloading. It's a very precise hobby. It depends on specific information with correct terminology. Taking a slang approach to names for items relating to reloading can get you into trouble.

I worked in a gunshop for 6 years. One time I took a phone call from somebody wanting 270 Hornady "BULLETS". I said what grain weight, he said 130 grain, we got them come on down. He got there about 25 minutes later. Said, "I'm the one that called for the 270 bullets." I handed him a 100 count box of bullets. He said, " how is there 20 bullets in this small box?" I said there' actually 100 in there. He said, wait a minute I meant loaded BULLETS. Oh you want ammunition, or rounds, or shells. Just happened we also carried loaded Hornady ammunition, and we had what he really wanted. It would have meant a wasted trip for him, an angry customer, even though he didn't use accepted terminology.
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They're going to get their butts kicked over there this election. How come people can't spell and use words correctly?
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