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I didn't take it that way. It sounded like Snuffy was also trying to educate you as it sounds like you are also new to reloading.
I did read Snuffy's participation in this thread. It sounded to me like he was offended.
Snuffy said:
ColdBore, you'd better get your terminology right before giving advice! A bullet is a projectile, or what leaves the barrel and goes to the target, not a completed cartridge! Some call it a shell, or round and ammunition is a proper term.
That sounded a bit to aggressive to me and denotes offense. A better way to have said it would be "Coldbore, the correct terminology is......". "You'd better get" denotes threat. You'd better get or else.

I'm sure snuffy knows his stuff, but choice of words can change how others perceive it.
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