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KiWi Mink Oil I believe is made of mink oil, silicone and lanolin – in what proportion I don’t know. Imperial sizing wax I think is mainly lanolin and a thickener but not totally sure about that. Dillon lube is a mixture of lanolin & alcohol I think.

Using straight anhydrous lanolin from a drug store I think would get you the same results and would be a lot cheaper than either Kiwi, Dillon or Imperial.

I think the main problem to stuck cases in a steel die is the failure to properly lube the lower portion of the case where the greatest amount of pressure is exerted.

You also may want to thoroughly clean your resizing die once or twice a year to keep the buildup of wax to a minimum.

There are a lot of homebrews out there and most work just fine but lanoline is super fine for your hands and that's not a bad thing.
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