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1st is another case of a 9mm just not getting it done. 2nd if he would have been hit in the boiler room with a .40 or .45 with good hollow points it would have been game over. I bet the hits were NOT in the boiler room. If some were then that points to #1. A shotgun would have put an end to it in short order with slugs or buckshot.
The issue wasn't that the cops didn't have enough gun or enough caliber, despite Farnam's claims that the distance was too great for pistols. As with the Lubbock SWAT folks, people can often miss just as effectively with long guns as they can with handguns.

Going with .40 or .45 over the 9mm would not have made any difference except that the cops likely would have either had less ammo (but same number of mags) or would have to have made more reloads, but still shot just as crappy.
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